Dodge Dart GTS - Big Block Mopar Muscle!
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Original Documentation

Above is the original bill of sale from Shannon Motors in Stonington CT.  The invoice is dated June 3rd 1969 and is broken down as follows:


Dart GTS 2 door hardtop:   $3,550.00

CT sales tax:                           $124.25

Reg & tile fees:                         $12.00


Total Sale:                            $3,686.25

The original window sticker is dated May 20th 1969 from the Hamtramck plant.  Build date of May 27th.   Vin #LS23H9B394---.  The original factory MSRP was $3,897.35.

Original Build Sheet

Galen Govier document

Interesting note to the above numbers. 

With 784 4-speeds and 488 automatic GTS 383's built the total is 1,272. Total Dart 383 GTS production is listed at 1,912. The reason - 640 383 auto trans cars were converted to 440 GTS's with automatics.

Automotive Information Clearinghouse

Above is a document from Automotive Information Clearinghouse. They pulled a survey on 9/24/99 on how many '69 Dart GTS's are still left. Their data indicates only 326 Dart GTS's are left nation wide (340, 383 & 440 engines). Only 7 are left in my home state of Massachusetts.

Original factory press release photo

Original photo - Brochure

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